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Cheap Treadmills

Compare and Review of the Cheapest Treadmills

Proform, NordicTrack, Smooth Finess and FreeMotion all have models that are less than $2,000USD. In general it is a toss up between Proform and NordicTrack. The newest models are the Proform Power 1080 and Performance 1450. For NordicTrack the T7.0, X5i Incline, Commercial 1750 and C900 Pro.

Cheap Treadmills Compare

Cheap Treamills Comparison

Here are some of the current models that are usually on sale direct from the manufacturer or from retails stores.

Brand and Model                     Est Price
NordicTrack T7.0                     $799
Proform Power 1080                 $1,299
NordicTrack X5i Incline              $1,399
NordicTrack Commercial 1750      $1,499
Proform Performance 1450          $1,499
NordicTrack C900 Pro                $1,599
FreeMotion 770 Interactive        $1,899
FreeMotion Incline Trainer          $1,899
NordicTrack X7i Incline              $1,999

Cheapest among the above is the NordicTrack T7.0. Here is a video.

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