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"How to buy an exercise treadmill. Choose from popular brands such Proform, Landice, Weslo, Cadence, Nordictrack and more. Cheap treadmills for sale at Walmart and Sears."

Hi and welcome! Treadmill Shop is here to help you make an informed decision before buying an exercise tread mill. This site is concise, but hopefully the articles, tips and videos will help you decide on the best treadmill for your specific requirement. As always, please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or fitness program.

Fitness Treadmills
Some of the best are Life Fitness, Vision Fitness and Smooth Fitness Treadmills.

Proform Treadmill
One of the most popular brands searched on YouTube and promoted heavily by the Home Shopping Network. Look for the Proform ES, Audio Trainer, Crosswalk and Crosstrainer.

Treadmill - Horizon Evolve
Can be bought for under $ 500 USD.  Small and compact. Foldable and easy to store.

Best Treadmill Workout
Here are fun workouts to keep the boredom away.

Manual Treadmill
These are cheap. The TrimWalk 9002 Foldable is around $140 and the Edge 500 manual treadmill is $129. Good if you are in a budget and have little space. 

Weslo Treadmill for Sale
Manual, electric, Cadence, belts, motors and parts.

NordicTrack Treadmill for Sale
A Series ($700 - $850), the Elite Series ($1,200 - $1,500), the T Series ($1,100 - $1,400), the Reflex Series ($1,200 - $3,000), the Incline Series ($1,600 - $2,000) and the Freemotion Commercial Series ($2,000 - $5,000).

Treadmills for Sale
Where you can buy treadmills in retail or discount stores. Or you can easily purchase online.

Visit for reviews and comparison of elliptical cross-trainer machines.

Videos, Features and Reviews

Life Fitness 95T Treadmill

Landice L7 Cardio Trainer Treadmills





Fitness Treadmills and Exercise Treadmill Online Guide
"Buyer's guide to fitness treadmills. How to choose and buy an exercise treadmill. Popular brands such Profrom, Landice, Weslo, Cadence, Nordictrack and more."

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