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Manual Treadmill

Manual Treadmill

Small space, no power requirement, less maintenance and cheap are reasons why manual treadmills are so popular. Easy to use, simply hop on and run at your own pace.

As it is manual, there is also less chances of treadmill accidents. If you stop running, the treadmill also stops.

Buying tips:
  1. Look for wide and long belts to allow you to run freely (big strides) and not just walk.
  2. Look at the weight capacity. Most can only accomodate around 220 lbs.
  3. Make sure the arm bars are comfortable to your body height.
  4. Pick one that has adjustable incline.


Welso Cardiostride Plus - Approx USD$130. Adjustable incline to 13, 16, or 20%. 13" W x 41" L belt. Displays speed, time, distance and calories. Up to 250 lbs.

Fitness Quest Edge 500 - Approx USD$130. Two position incline, 15" W x 45" L belt with console showing speed, distance, time, and calories burned. Up to 225 lbs.

Corey Everson Manual Treadmill - Approx USD$110. LCD shows time, distance, calorie count. Up to 220 lbs.


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